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Anna Claire (Wimberly) Dando -


In May of 2004, I contracted mono.  I just thought I had a really bad case of it when several months later I was still suffering from debilitating fatigue.  My husband and I had planned to try to have a baby during this time, but our plans were put off due to this severe fatigue. 


We pursued all the medical directions we could think of; we started with our family doctor who prescribed a sleep test (which is a story in and of itself!!).  When that showed nothing wrong he suggested a magic energy pill which he said would not cure the problem, but would at least give me more energy.  I was not looking for a band aid but a cure, so we moved on to an internist.  I saw this internist 3 or 4 times over a period of a several months.  He ran lots and lots of blood tests, finding only the mono showing up.  He told us 3 times that this was just a virus and would go away, and prescribed iron supplements, which he thought would help with energy.  Eventually, it became apparent that his predictions were not going to come true.


 My husband did a little research on the internet and emailed the head doctor of the Infectious Disease department of MUSC in Charleston, SC.  I think he thought my case was interesting and agreed to see me.  By this point it had been almost a year of difficult fatigue and I was fearful, thinking something really bad was wrong.  He at least gave us the assurance that I didn't have some terrible illness, but he did finally conclude that I had Chronic Fatigue.  He literally said it would be 2 or 3 years before I would even begin to feel better.


Providentially, during this time I was also in contact with an old acquaintance, Staci Raffield Hill.  Staci told me about Jim Denney and her experience with him.  I listened politely and thought to myself, Well, thats nice, but I'm not into weird stuff like that.  More weeks went by with no progress and the desire for a baby continued to grow.  I soon decided that I was desperate enough to try anything, called Nutritional Consultants, and began to see Jim in May 2005.


What a top notch ID doctor told me would take 2 to 3 years took around 9 months with Dr. Denney (I call him this because he was the only one who helped me!).   Most of the treatments do seem a little weird at first because they're different from what a medical doctor would do.  (My favorite was the sauna!)  And, I will say you have to be dedicated to the treatments and do them as he says!  But as I continued to see him I found he was not only helping me feel better physically, he was also a HUGE encouragement in my Christian walk.  I am so grateful for this.


I am happy to report that I continue to feel much better now.  The only time I get fatigued is when my 7 month old son wakes up too early!  His name is Murphy J


Carol Goings -

I have been blessed by Jim Denney and his ministry for many years.  After I
began going to Jim (about 1996)  I took my 2nd grade son who had been
diagnosed with ADHD, Jim tested him and found toxic lead in an organ (most
probably his liver).  We did chelating pills for 12 months, retested and
found "no toxins".   Many people doubted at the time wondering how he
lead in an organ; however, the revelations from the overseas toy industries
over the past few years leaves no doubt where the lead came from.  After it
was out of him, he could function without hyperactivity, focus at school,
graduated from HS with honors, is now a sophomore at The University of GA
and marches in The Redcoat Band.  PTL

Dr.Jim has gotten five toxins out of me and has helped improve my immune system
and digestive system.  I have purchased Proaller from him for years, drops that
we take twice daily, and it prevents us from respiratory problems. That is a
tremendous blessing with all the pollen in Middle GA and I'm all for
anything preventative.

Over the years I've referred many people to Dr. Jim and I consider him to be
one of God's gift to Macon, GA.

Carol Goings


Melva Maddox

I am so thankful, first of all, to my LORD and then to His servant, Jim Denney, for restoring my health.  In 1998, I was told that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  It seemed to be Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.  I had became quite ill after prolonged and intense stress; I even had to give up my teaching career after being on leave for awhile and seeing a number of medical doctors, none of whom seemed to be able to help me. I did not give up though!  I prayed, did some research, and consulted with people who knew a lot about alternative treatments.  I got some help from alternative treatments, but I did not get "well" or get prolonged relief from sometimes overwhelming fatigue.  Apparently, I overdosed on some supplements and became extremely "allergic;" then my blood pressure and pulse were too high.  My medical doctor put me on two different beta-blockers, but I could not tolerate either of them.  I became even more allergic. My body was under a lot of stress, and I was very tense.  When my doctor saw that I did not do well with medication, he finally told me to make an appointment with Jim Denney, a naturopathic doctor. (Another medical doctor had recommended Jim to me also.) During my first appointment with Jim Denney, I listed the physical problems I was having.  He immediately recommended a natural product that might alleviate my rapid pulse and elevated blood pressure. Within a few days, I was much better and even had more energy.  Jim recommended a blood test to see just what I was reacting to. The test revealed the foods to which I was allergic, and I was given a list of foods to avoid for a prolonged period of time.  He also put me on an adaptogenic that helped me avoid reacting so negatively to stress and be able to focus better. Again, I felt much better.  However, I still struggled with Chronic Fatigue.  Then on March 22, 2004, Jim used a bio-feedback machine to totally check out my body.  With this, he discovered that I had (Aspergillus Niger) a common house mold in my body and that I also had a bacteria (Borrellia) that has been found in fibromyalgia patients, Lyme disease patients, and ALS patients. He put me on special type of Cat's Claw to kill the bacteria and on a very good anti-fungal to kill the mold.  After a few weeks, I felt that I no longer had Chronic Fatigue, that I was "well" at last. I had stamina that I had not experienced in years.  When I saw Jim again on May 26, he re-checked me using bio-feedback and found that the bacteria was 90% gone and that the aspergillus was 100% gone. Now I feel that I have my life back!  As I told Jim, in his practice as a naturopathic doctor, he is involved in ministry; for he obviously has the gift of helping people to become well again. I am grateful that GOD brought me to him.

Melva Maddox
Macon, Georgia


Christina Wilson

Hello, Dr Denney and Margie.  I am Randy and Gwen Harris' daughter, Christina Wilson I wanted to email you and let you know my miracle.  When I first came to you, I had been diagnosed in February with PCOD, Hyperglycemia, Endometriosis and Menopause...I'm 24.  You put me on the Detox kit for the blocked Portal Vein that showed on the Bio Feedback.  Well, long story short, I had my follow up apt with my OB-GYN on Friday, Oct 1 (my husband's birthday also).  Well, the Sonogram showed that my left ovary (which was eaten up with cysts and lemon sized) is completely clear of all cysts and is its normal healthy size; the right ovary only has 2 cysts, but is not impacting its function.  The lining of my uterus, which was, in July, 13.9cm, is now 4.7 cm. I have now lost a total of 35 pounds. The disease that had once threatened infertility is gone.  I called Daddy and Mama on Friday and told them the good news and we are all still overwhelmed.  My husband got the best birthday present ever, a healthy wife!!  Driving home from the Dr apt Friday, God said to me, "All things are possible through Me."

I just wanted to email you and let you know that through you, God has healed me.  You and your family are gifts sent to help others and I want to thank you for all that you do.  PRAISE GOD!

Christina Wilson



Michelle Bowles

I don't even know where to begin...
I have felt so badly for so long that I forgot what it was like to actually feel good!  I have strictly been following the plan you suggested. Yesterday (for the first time in ages) I didn't have a headache and I didn't need to take a nap in the afternoon with the girls.  Too many people that might seem very insignificant but to me that's HUGE!  It's been amazing to see such dramatic results -- and it has only been a week! My neck isn't as tender or swollen and swallowing has gotten much easier.  The best part is -- I know it's just going to keep getting better! I never expected to see an improvement this quickly. 

The hardest part for me has been giving up the fruit smoothies w/ honey in the morning and afternoon and the meat instead of beans.  It's silly, but I never even considered the amount sugar I was eating. I just figured that because it was "natural sugar" not refined it was okay.   The meat part too has been a challenge as I am not a big meat person.  I'll eat fish once in a while and even a little chicken but for the most part I usually prefer beans or lentils.  These things are trivial though compared to how good I am feeling.  It's also amazing how dropping the whole wheat has had such a big effect.  I thought I was doing a good thing by taking the wheat bran and eating the whole wheat bread with each meal and never could have imagined that it was actually contributing to the yeast and digestive issues.
Thank you so much for patiently taking the time to listen and for finding out what was wrong with me.  I can hardly wait to follow up in a month!  I am praying God will continue to bless you abundantly for the work you are doing as you use the gifts He has given you to help others.  
Michelle Bowles



Virginia Hill


When I started going to Nutritional Consultants, I was experiencing several unexplainable medical problems.  I was at a point in my life that I began to ask God, will I ever feel good again?  I had actually forgotten what it felt like to really feel good.


I was told by my pastor that I needed to make major changes in my life and he suggested that I start with making an appointment with the Nutritional Consultants team.  On my very first visit, I was impressed.  It meant a lot to me that they helped me acknowledge my need to heal from the inside out.  They worked on my total healing, the whole person, not just my physical health.   


The first step was to detoxify, ridding my body of harmful toxics, which in my case was a result of years of prescription medication and other unknown chemicals, which had build up in my organs.  A series of ten Colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy) was recommended to help the cleansing process along and to rid the large intestines of any waste that may have deposited there.  About the fourth session I felt like a new person.  I still have them periodically to maintain my health. 


Nutritional Consultants has helped me heal from a bout with pneumonia and stomach issues, in which I was unable to eat, causing me to lose weight.  Testing revealed that I had bacteria in my small intestine; this was confirmed through a stomach endoscope biopsy by a traditional medical doctor.   I was also diagnosed as an asthmatic, in which the Hyperbaric Chamber with its flood of pure oxygen was very helpful in enabling me to breathe better and an extra added benefit was the improvement of mental clarity.  My eating habits changed, I started drinking more water and I could not believe how good I was feeling.


To begin the healing process I had to come to understand that it must start from within, there are changes that we must make in our lives for healing to take place.  James Denney and his team can’t do it for us but they can give us direction and the tools we need to start the process.  Then the choice is ours.  This life is all about choice, I chose to continue the road to healing.  I have spent at least half of my fifty years consuming prescription drugs, please understand I am not knocking them, they all play a role.  I am now very aware of what I allow to enter my body. 


I realize that this is a layering process , it took me years of bad choices to get as sick as I was and getting better is like peeling an onion, layers are coming off one at a time, while being replaced with health choices.  It’s not a quick fix but I am enjoying the journey. 


These are some of the sweetest people you could meet, with a desire to please the Lord and to be a blessing to all of us, the extra TLC was just what I needed, it doesn’t get any better than that. 


The fact that medical insurance does not cover these serves, some might question the cost.  The decision was easy for me, I just asked myself; “Do you want healing or do you want to stay sick?  To me it was worth it.  We will pay the cost by being in and out of the doctor’s office or the hospital or by living a healthy lifestyle, again it’s all about choice.  I am now walking in health, which is a better way of living.


V. Hill