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Adaptopath Addicide-Chord Adrenal-Tone
Our Price: $24.38
Our Price: $24.38
Our Price: $24.38
Adaptopath is an essential homeopathic remedy for boosting underpowered healing strategies by enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to stress. The proprietary Addisode blend in Addicide-Chord is designed to assist the body with eliminating food additives, pesticides, herbicides and dyes used in food and clothing. Adrenal-Tone may be used in all situations where there is adrenal fatigue, including a wide range of symptoms spanning from exhaustion to sleeplessness.
Adrenatran (180 capsules) Adrenopath Alka-C  (buffered Vit C powder)  (168 gms)
Adrenatran (180 capsules)
Our Price: $74.62
Our Price: $24.38
Adrenatran is a comprehensive dietary supplement that contains specific neurotransmitter precursors and Rhodiola Rosea for adrenal support. More than just a Sarcode, the Adrenopath formula contains homeopathic Natrum Muriaticum and Phosphoricum Acidum, known for their ability to assist with mineral balance, thyroid and pituitary function, and to regulate the adrenal glands. Alka-C is an excellent source of immune-supportive Vitamin C and a great alterative to artificially sweetened Vitamin C products in powder form. Just stir into water or juice for a tasty, antioxidant rich, energy boosting effervescent beverage!
Aller-Chord I Aller-Chord II Amoeba-Chord
Aller-Chord I
Our Price: $24.38
Aller-Chord II
Our Price: $24.38
Our Price: $24.38
Aller-Chord I was designed to gently and effectively assist the entire body and plays an integral role in resolving occasional food allergies and sensitivities at a causative level.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.
Aller-Chord II In addition to nosodes, Amoeba-Chord contains sarcodes, polychrests and minerals blended to gently assist in drainage and rebuilding during the intense elimination of parasites.
Bacteria-Chord Catalyst-7  (180 capsules) Chem-Chord
Our Price: $24.38
Catalyst-7 (180 capsules)
Our Price: $60.04
Our Price: $24.38
The Bacteria-Chord formula is designed to support the body’s natural ability to resolve bacterial infections. Catalyst-7 provides highly concentrated, digestive enzymes for overall digestive support. The proprietary homeopathic chemical blend contained in Chem-Chord targets the activation and elimination of cellular congestion associated with pharmaceutical and recreational drugs.
Circulopath Colo-Chord Core Artemisia Blend
Our Price: $24.38
Our Price: $24.38
Core Artemisia Blend
Our Price: $26.28
Circulopath is a complex blend of homeopathic remedies specifically designed to target the increase of circulatory flow (blood, lymph and interstitial fluid) in the tissue, organs and systems of the body. Colo-Chord contains a potent combination of homeopathic nosodes, sarcodes, polychrests, nutritionals and spagyrically processed herbs blended specifically to address the complex intestinal imbalances within the human body... Core Artemisia Blend, known commonly as Wormwood, is a formulation of botanical ingredients that has been used by herbalists to support normal gut and digestive function.
Core Bilberry Core Dong Quai Blend Core Feverfew
Core Bilberry
Our Price: $26.28
Core Dong Quai Blend
Our Price: $26.28
Core Feverfew
Our Price: $26.28
Core Bilberry is a Spagyric extract of Bilberry fruit, which belongs to the same family as blueberries, cranberries, huckleberries and black currants. Bilberry has been used traditionally to encourage normal circulation to connective tissues, maintain the blood supply to the eyes, and to protect normal heart function. Core Bilberry may be recommended for overall eye health and vascular support. Core Dong Quai Blend is a botanical formulation designed to support healthy hormone balance and mild discomforts commonly associated with the last fourteen days of the menstrual cycle. Core Feverfew may be recommended to assist in relieving occassional head and neck tension and support normal immune function.