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ZYTO - Remote Location Bioenergetic Testing

Making Healthcare More Convenient -

All ZYTO technology is internet based and creates a tremendous opportunity for working with your health care professional at a distance. With ZYTO's Virtual Clinic you own your own hand cradle which allows you to interface with your health care professional. You will be able to "visit" your doctor without leaving your home.

This is particularly conveneient when a consultation is all you need. Maybe you just want to check in and update the vitamins and other natural supplents you're taking. Remember, ZYTO technology is used to gather information and not to establish medical diagnosis. It won't eliminate the need to visit your doctor and have standard medical care, but it will make your doctor more available on a personal level, and that will certainly help you feel better.

Once you have completed the one time installation of the software on your computer, you are ready to start participating in remote sessions with your health care professional.

We hop that your experience with ZYTO's Virtual Clinic and your health care professionals at Nutritional Consultants will be very beneficial to you and your health.

Your Virtual Clinic Session -

1. Make an appointment with your health care professional.

2. A few minutes before your appointment, make sure your computer is turned on, is connected to the internet and that your hand cradle is plugged in to a USB port. Insert the Virtual Clinic CD into your CD-ROM drive and click the "Run Virtual Clinic" button on the menu.

3. When the Remote Client software starts it will first perform a hand cradle test to ensure everything is working correctly. Place your hand on the cradle and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the test.

All of the finger points and the palm point should turn yellow when you have a good connection. If one more more points are still gray, adjust your hand until all points turn yellow. You must have the palm point touching correctly or none of the finger points will turn yellow. If you are having difficulty with you hand connection, you can put a little bit of water on your hand for better conductivity.

When the hand cradle test is completed, the software will ask for a Remote ID. This number is provided to you by Nutritional Consultants. We will provide you with a new number each time you start a new appointment.

4. Call Nutritional Consultants at your appointment time and ask for your 9-digit Remote ID number. If you are on a dial up internet connectoin, you will need to use a different phone (i.c. cell phone) to call.

5. Enter the Remote ID number and click OK. You are now ready for your session.

6. You will now see a picture of a hand cradle on your computer. Please place your hand on the hand cradle when your health care professional instructs you to do so and leave it there throughout the session or until told otherwise.

7. During your session you will see a green bar moving across your computer screen under the hand cradle picture. This means that your health care professional is scanning you through the hand cradle in order to determine what your body's stressors are and what remedies will bring you back into balance.

8. If you want to ask your health care professional a question during the session you can use either your telephone or the "Instant Messenger" feature of the software. Below the hand cradle picture you will see a large white box and under that you will see a smaller rectangular box that says "Type your message here". You can type into this box in order to send a message to your health care professional.

9. With the information your health care professional gathers from the completed session, he/she can make recommendations to you in order to assist you in improving your health. They also have the ability to e-mail you the results of the completed session.

For more information about how this technology works please click here.